Population Management & Managed Care

Delivering a unique combination of pharmacy services that improves healthcare quality and cost abatement…enhancing the VALUE of care delivered.

Prescription Solutions Service

This unique product is the combination of our Prescription Benefit Administration and Medication Risk Management. The program generates prescription cost savings through a cost effective and unique prescription administration service and medical cost abatement through medication risk management.

“Proxsys Rx deploys a pass-through prescription plan model and layers in true medication risk management to generate prescription and medical cost reduction…and health status improvement for our employee and member base”
-Hospital Administrator

Prescription Benefit Administration

The prescription administration service reduces expenses associated with typical prescription benefit approaches which yields up to 20 percent in prescription plan savings. All necessary services are delivered and detailed transparent management reporting is provided.

Medication Risk Management

Medication Risk Management identifies and resolves Drug Therapy Problems (DTPs). Resolution of DTPs create a high quality of care and generate prescription and medical savings.

Rx Care Management

Rx Care Management is a transitions of care service that focuses on engaging defined patients to change behaviors, improving post-discharge health status. The program seamlessly integrates with a hospital or health system’s existing care transitions and discharge systems and delivers a combination of claims-based medication reconciliation technology and outpatient pharmacy support services.