Pharmacy Operations Management

Proxsys Rx delivers outpatient pharmacy management capabilities that support the continuum of care and facilitate the portfolio Pharmacy Levered Program initiatives.

The Proxsys Rx operational team features years of healthcare experience that includes chain and independent retail pharmacy management, pharmacy benefit management, physician practice management, finance, and hospital management.

When the company initiates a new pharmacy or assimilates an existing operation, the company invests the necessary financial resources needed to create a successful effort. Our operations team follows a defined implementation plan that is managed by a proprietary online project management tool. This tool allows for the seamless and efficient execution of all projects.

As pharmacies go live, they are linked into a comprehensive infrastructure that creates efficiencies and enhances productivity. The infrastructure is illustrated in visual and it is used to operate all owned or managed pharmacies.

The unique aspect of the Proxsys Rx operating model is how the pharmacies work in tandem with the Population Management/Managed Care and Hospital Performance Programs. The pharmacy staff supports each initiative at the local level. Our staff coordinates with the appropriate hospital staff, and our corporate support personnel to facilitate the success of the programs that influences the key strategic indicators of facility.