Hospital Performance Programs

Proxsys Rx provides a Hospital Performance Program that is designed to impact the key strategic indicators for health systems

Discharge RX Delivery

To target the issue of readmissions associated with discharge medications, Proxsys Rx offers a technology-enabled program that provides patients the choice to receive their discharge medications at bedside before leaving the hospital as well as facilitates post discharge patient engagement.

Employee Pharmacy

The employee pharmacy program is designed to service the medication needs of hospital employees and their family members. The program offers members several delivery options, lower co-pays, value-added services and other savings. This effort is designed to reduce the health/prescription benefit cost and increase employee satisfaction. It can work in conjunction with the Proxsys Rx Prescription Solutions Service.

340b Services

Proxsys Rx delivers a comprehensive 340b service that provides all the necessary capabilities that a compliant and effective retail 340b program demands. The effort delivers a fully automated system that manages the flow of inventory, information and payments between healthcare organizations, contract pharmacies, wholesalers, and third-party payers. Proxsys Rx staff provides support from design through implementation and ongoing operations. Proxsys Rx also offers support to health systems in-house outpatient units by providing 340b “splitter” capabilities.

Specialty Drug Program

The Specialty Drug Program provides a full spectrum of capabilities and services that provides patient access to high cost, complex pharmaceuticals that requires unique clinical, administrative, distribution, or handling conditions that may not allow the dispensing in a local traditional retail setting. This program can function seamlessly with the 340b Management program which can provide multiple patient and health system advantages.

Physician Engagement

Proxsys Rx engages the physician sector of the care continuum in close coordination with a facility’s physician relations team. This program delivers a multi-tiered outpatient pharmacy support affiliated physician practices and has a direct impact of practice operations and patient experience. The program also provides proprietary access to clinical tools.

Other Programs

Proxsys Rx offers a host of other programs that facilitate various health system efforts such as Case Management, Senior Care, etc. Employee