Delivering Comprehensive Pharmacy Solutions
to Healthcare Organizations

Proxsys Rx partners with hospital and health systems to fill pharmacy gaps that may exist. The company delivers pharmacy initiatives and operations that impact the performance measures many hospitals must meet such as readmission rates, patient experience scores, 340b initiatives, etc. Furthermore, Proxsys Rx deploys pharmacy levered population management initiative such as Prescription Benefit Administration, Medication Risk Management and Transition of Care services.

The US healthcare system has been going through a journey of change for many years. The rate of transformation and the need to rapidly innovate has become increasingly demanding over the last decade. The requirements to provide access, demonstrate value and meet quality based reimbursement are becoming common place.

Hospitals and health systems are at the forefront of this transition. Managing the health status of given populations or administering the delivery of specific care channels has become a strategic imperative. As this transition has progressed, the influence prescription drugs have on the value of healthcare has significantly increased. With this, many health systems and their affiliated contracting agents (e.g. ACO, PHO, etc.) are seeking a comprehensive pharmacy strategy and approach.

Partnering with Hospitals and Health Systems

Partnerships form the core of Proxsys Rx relationships. The company understands industry dynamics and provides a model that improves patient outcomes, lowers cost and mitigates risk.

When Proxsys Rx creates a partnership with a healthcare system or hospital, outcome and financial goals are aligned. Proxsys Rx finances, establishes and operates the facility’s outpatient pharmacy, assuming the risk and all associated operational costs. The partnership also allows the healthcare system to receive a robust selection of services from Proxsys Rx including: Hospital Performance Programs, 340b Management Services, Rx Care Management (claims based medication reconciliation), Pharmacy Benefit Administration, Medication Risk Management, and other services.

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