Integrating outpatient pharmacy into the continuum of care

Why Proxsys Rx

While 10 percent of healthcare costs are spent on prescriptions drugs, their ability to control the health status of patients and the
cost of care is enormous. Emerging healthcare compensation initiatives (e.g. Shared Savings, Gain Sharing, ACOs, Value Based
Purchasing, etc.) are rapidly replacing traditional fee-for-service models. Hospitals and health systems are one of several
categories that will be held accountable for the quality, cost and care for specific groups of patients.

An integrated outpatient pharmacy initiative will clearly be a key contributor to guaranteeing health system’s success by ensuring appropriateness of medication use, reducing medication related adverse events, preventing hospital readmissions, helping patients manage chronic conditions and much more.


Proxsys Rx Deliverables

  • a  Pharmacy implementation process and operational infrastructure
  • b  Pharmacy capital and operating expenses
  • c  Integration initiatives
  • d  Delivers economic and strategic impact to Health System