Integrating outpatient pharmacy into the continuum of care

Integration Example

A key example of how the Proxsys Rx integrated outpatient pharmacy initiative can serve a health system is our Discharge Medication Program. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, nearly 20% of Medicare patients who had been discharged from a hospital were re-hospitalized within 30 days. To attend to this, Medicare has implemented a payment reduction policy based on readmissions and a mandatory reporting of readmissions.


To target this issue, our team followed our defined work plan and process and coordinated with hospital administration to implement a discharge medication program to be serviced by the health system outpatient pharmacy (managed by Proxsys Rx).

Under this program, pharmacy staff coordinates with hospital floor and discharge staff to provide patients the choice to receive their discharge medications at bedside before leaving the hospital. If the patient selects this option, payment is like any other pharmacy and the medications are delivered to the patient by pharmacy staff. The patient is then offered the option to receive an initial consult from the Pharmacist. As follow up, another Pharmacists consultation is offered to the patient within 72 hours of discharge.

Given the fact that a contributing factor to 30-day readmissions is outpatient medication non-compliance and adherence, this program has shown a positive impact on readmission rates and patient satisfaction scores. In fact, Proxsys Rx has demonstrated HCAHPS score improvements of 2.5% to 7.9% (on medication questions). In addition, Proxsys Rx has tracked readmission rate reductions of 2.5% to 3.25% in the same time period. The program also contributes to the economic performance of the health system.

Other examples of how Proxsys Rx can integrate outpatient pharmacy into the health system include facilitating an employee pharmacy, facilitating 340b initiatives, coordinating with home health, servicing the patients of system-owned physician practices, care coordination, and much more.