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December 16, 2014

MHA Solutions, Inc., a division of Mississippi Hospital Association, partners with Proxsys Rx to create revenue-enhancing solutions for Mississippi hospitals while offering patients new options

MADISON, Miss., Dec. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — MHA Solutions, Inc., a division of The Mississippi Hospital Association, has established a Partnership with Proxsys Rx that provides Mississippi hospitals with new ways to achieve long-term cost savings by reducing readmissions and improving other key health system strategic indicators that impact reimbursements and margins. The formula producing the benefits is unique to the Proxsys Rx model; it integrates outpatient pharmacy into the hospital continuum of care while improving the health status of the community as a whole.

Proxsys Rx provides hospitals and health care systems with an immediate financial benefit by capitalizing their outpatient pharmacies and assuming all pharmacy operating and management costs. The strategic partnership provides members of MHA with a negotiated range of benefits designed to accelerate Meaningful Use compliance and save hospitals money while supporting quality of care initiatives as part of a Discharge Prescription Delivery Program (DRxD) administered by Proxsys Rx. The DRxD program deploys a digital app to provide the patient with personal bedside counseling and disciplined follow-up from the Proxsys Rx pharmacist to drive medication adherence and compliance. The Proxsys Rx approach provides health care systems with long-term cost savings by reducing readmissions, improving patient satisfaction and establishing other systems to increase Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.

“We have worked hard to forge this partnership which saves our hospitals money through value based purchasing and other negotiated benefits, and streamlines their ability to comply with an entire category of government mandates in a cost-effective way. It provides our facilities and patients with new technologies that improve the care experience and lead to better outcomes,” said MHA Solutions, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Edward Foster. Foster points out that the benefits of the Proxsys Rx partnership to MHA member hospitals are expected to increase in coming years as commercial payers continue to adjust their reimbursement schedules.

“We are thrilled to pursue this trusted, vetted partnership with MHA Solutions and to share the value Proxsys Rx will deliver for hospitals across the state. We believe the Mississippi model initiates a trend; hospital associations will strategically leverage their members’ clout to secure critical savings, drive adherence and achieve other measurable benefits that net financial gains while improving the health status of the community,” said Proxsys Rx Chairman and Chief Executive Officer George Salem.

MHA Solutions, Inc. began vetting the Proxsys Rx program after Rush Health Systems reported positive results. Rush, a large healthcare system in Mississippi was the first in the state, and one of the first in the nation to engage the Proxsys Rx model. “The Proxsys Rx Pharmacy Integration program has yielded impressive results, both in terms of cost savings and patient satisfaction,” said Chuck A. Reece, President of Rush Foundation Hospital and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Rush Health Systems. Reece said he envisions Proxsys Rx playing a fundamental role in helping hospitals statewide save money while navigating the challenging regulatory landscape.

About MHA Solutions, Inc.
MHA Solutions brings proven and practical industry solutions together in one place so MHA member hospitals and valued clients can benefit from shared systems, ideas and resources. MHA Solutions is a division of the Mississippi Hospital Association and is member-owned and member-governed. As a key strategic partner for MHA member hospitals and other healthcare providers, they truly understand the unique challenges facing healthcare in Mississippi.

About Proxsys Rx
Proxsys Rx is a health services company focused on managing and integrating outpatient pharmacies into the continuum of care for hospitals and health systems in order to enhance the quality of care and drive economic indicators. Proxsys Rx capitalizes outpatient pharmacies and provides ongoing integration and operational support Proxsys Rx identifies, builds and manages processes that integrate the pharmacy into high value points along the continuum of care. The Proxsys Rx approach provides health care systems with long-term cost savings by reducing readmissions, improving HCAHPS scores and improving other key health system strategic indicators that impact reimbursements and margins. Additional information is available at

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