Integrating outpatient pharmacy into the continuum of care

Proxsys Rx


Proxsys Rx is a health services company focused on managing and integrating outpatient pharmacies into the continuum of care for hospitals and health systems in order to enhance the quality of care and drive economic indicators. At Proxsys Rx, we capitalize outpatient pharmacies and then provide ongoing integration and operational support.

Proxsys Rx identifies, builds, and manages processes that integrate the pharmacy into high value points along the continuum of care. By doing this, we are able to facilitate significant impact on key stakeholder directives such as reduced re­admissions, improved HCAHPS scores, patient loyalty, value based purchasing and more.


We integrate outpatient pharmacies into health system’s continuum of care so to achieve a positive impact on the health status of the community.


Our Mission is to provide our health system partners and their patients a value contribution that is unmatched. Proxsys Rx will change how pharmacies are positioned in healthcare by delivering the most innovative and comprehensive outpatient pharmacy management program available. By integrating the pharmacy at multiple points within the health system, we will impact key health system performance measures while enhancing patient experiences and health outcomes. We will deliver a pharmacy operating model that is synchronized with our integration efforts to provide for the compassionate and efficient delivery of prescription medications.

Our robust pharmacy model will:

  • Serve the Mission of the health system
  • Strengthen patient care delivery and increase access
  • Improve outcomes and the health status of the community
  • Position the health system for new compensation methods
  • Improve the economic status of the health system